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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mini-TOR: Say Something Nice

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Saturday to you!  If you missed it, Victoria and Derrick played part 2 of the Final 3 HoH Comp last night.  Lessa wrote up the Spoiler and Aftermath for you, and it's Right Here

As I'm looking for goodies to share for a mini-TOR, Derrick gets called to the DR, and Cody suggests a game I've been meaning to play here on BBDish for a while now: Say something nice about each of the HGs... Let's listen to what Victoria and Cody have to say.  I'd love it if you put your own responses into the comment section. ☺

Camera 1

Cody: Alright, so say something nice about everyone in the house.  Joey.
Victoria: The funniest girl I've ever met.
Cody: Exactly what I was gonna say.  Hayden.
Victoria: I know you didn't like him, but..
Cody: Me??
Victoria: Gamewise..
Cody: We were best friends.. Nicole said he didn't like me.
Victoria: Hayden... Sweetheart.. Very genuine.
Cody: I would say... extremely likeable, probably my closest friend in the house.. Apparently he can't stand me though.
Victoria: Gamewise..
Cody:  Pao Pao.. something good about her.
Victoria: I don't know.  We never clicked.
Cody: Uhhh... she farted a lot?  Christine.
Victoria: Uhhh...
Cody: I loved Christine, man.  Her and I had good ass convos.
Victoria: Good, I'm glad.  Watch her DR sessions about you.

Cody: Probably crushin' me too, which would be so shitty.. We would always have such good conversations about Tim, about her family.. Man, if she was crushin' me that would suck.
Victoria: She's not a genuine person. I do not have anything positive about Christine. She crushed me every day. She did not like me.
Cody: Ok.. Zach!  Hilarious.
Victoria: Hilarious.
Cody: Devin?
Victoria: Devil. Oh.. positive?  He had nice dimples.
Cody: Good thing about Devin.. I thought he was a nice guy who got lost in this game.
**me too.
Victoria: Yes.
Cody: Jocasta.  Omg.. Such a sweet woman.
Victoria: Very caring.
Cody: Brittany. Smokin' hot.
Victoria: I don't know.. She really didn't do much for me.
Cody: Wow, Victoria.  Trying to say nice things about people, and you've got shit to say.  Umm.. Donny!
Victoria: He was very caring too.
Cody: I think Donny was a very sincere person.
Victoria: Sincere.. yup.  I like that.
Cody: Very easy to have a conversation with.  He would tell all his stories, and I would genuinely be interested.
Victoria: Yes.
Cody: He's an amazing guy.   Caleb.. Something nice about him.  Uhhh..  He worked out good.

Victoria:  He has a nice smile.
Cody: Alright, Nicole.  Firecracker! Loved her personality, once she came out of her shell.
Victoria: Loved her.  Loved her.  She was my best girlfriend in the house.  Not gamewise, but..
Cody: Yeah, I loved Nicole.  Thought she had a great personality.
Victoria: Friendwise.. Love her.  Love her. Love her.
Cody: Alright, Amber.
Victoria: Can't stand her.
**something nice, dear.
Cody: I guess I just saw a different side to a lot of the girls.
Victoria: You didn't see the real side to Amber.
Cody: What was the real side to Amber?
Victoria: What everyone else was seeing.. not you.

Done in the DR, Derrick joins them.

Cody: Did you see the real side of Amber?
Derrick: My impression of Amber.. Definitely a Southern Girl.. with the hospitality and all of that, but definitely an L.A. girl and was playin' that side of her up.
Cody: Ooh! 100% Caleb kept sayin' Country Girl, and I was like..
Derrick: She's an L.A. model.  She hangs out with the people we're not gonna say cuz she asked us not to say them, but..
Cody: He would say, she's a country girl, and I'm like, bro, she's asking me to go to Tomorrow World in Georgia.. That's the Ultra of Georgia.. no country artists..  She aint no country girl like Caleb keeps portrayin' her to be.
Derrick: He thinks she's gonna run up to him.
Cody: He thinks she's gonna run up to him and kiss him.
Derrick: How bout that.
Cody: It's a f'in fact that she wont. It just adds to the delusional.
**umm.. nice?  Say something.. nice?

Cody: Something nice about Frankie.. He definitely uhh..
Victoria: He's a good show man.
Cody: He was funny.  I loved all of his characters.
Derrick: Yes, I did too.
Victoria: mm hm

Derrick excuses himself to go shower..

Cody: Alright, something mean about all of the people whose pictures are in color.. Derrick.. So annoying I can't stand him.
Victoria: I have nothing negative to say about him.
Cody: Victoria.. Just stares down your frikkin' soul... Cody.. I hate him.
Victoria: (smiling) yup.
Cody: Your turn.
Victoria: I don't say mean stuff about people.
Cody: Yeah right, ya liar.


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Friday, September 19, 2014

Final HOH, Part Two!

Lessa popping on here to let ya know that as of 9pm BB time, We've gone from Jeff Highlights to Fish with sound, to All four feeds on Cody in the HOH shooting plastic limes into a bowl... likely for TVGN.

Seem's part two is still being played - as soon as we know, you'll know! :)

 Cody: The pressures on - oh! No!

And he Jedi trains - though we know he won't need that for part three. And vote counting. But hey, it passes the time...

Cody: So the voters are.. Hayden, Nicole, Zack, Jocasta.....ahhhhh shit. Not looking good...

Cody: Maybe I can use that as pull.. All of our moves were made together. A lot of people would not have trusted Derrick if not for me. Hayden. Christine wouldn't have trusted him except for me...

Cody: STARVING. Oh God. That chicken. Gonna crush it. CRUSH IT. I can't wait to see what this competition looks like...

He continues practicing final two speeches.

Cody: AUUUUGH! Here fishy fishy fishy. Like. WHAT is going ON? OMG this is driving me nuts.

9:47 - Jeff loop.. could we be nearing the end?

10:00pm - We are BACK

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Friday Show Viewing Party

Good evening, BB Lovers!  Welcome to the.. FRIDAY?!.. Show Viewing Party on BBDish!  I do believe this is a first in the 10 years we've been doing this. ☺  Apologies for the downtime over the past 30 hours.. First it was moving back into my place, and then it was family time..

Tonight, we'll be seeing the Endurance Comp that played out Wednesday night on the feeds, as well as the annual Final 3 Guided Trip Down Memory Lane over a nice meal in front of the memory wall..

If you're not on the east coast, and you'd like to watch along with us, you'll be needing a live stream.  Here are a couple of options for you:

~This Fantastic Quality 
NEW Option~

I'm publishing now, so you can scoot onto the live stream early, if you like, and I'll begin moderating comments and greeting everyone at 7:50 pm Eastern.. 

See you in the comment section!☺


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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Derrick & Victoria Talk Final 2

Following Cody and Derrick's private conversation while Victoria was in the DR...  which took place after Part 1 of the Final 3 HoH Comp, a cool Superman-esque Endurance we watched on the feeds last night, and which Lessa covered beautifully.. we rejoin our Final 3...

BB: Cody, please go to the Diary Room.

Thus, the door opens for Derrick and Victoria to speak privately.  You'll be seeing a lot of this over the next few days.  Whenever someone is called to the DR...
..And as soon as the door closes. 

Derrick: You knew about this.  Don't act like you're surprised. I told you last night.
Victoria: I know!  Why didn't you tell me about the name??
Derrick: Cuz honestly, I didn't think it mattered.  Victoria, I love you like a little sister.  I really do.
Victoria: I know.

Derrick: But I always told you, no matter what, what you hear, what you end up finding out, know I always did it for us, and honestly, by making these connections, I mean, this guy is not working for me, obviously, he's not here to like promote me, right?  He's like my competitor, and what's he saying to you?
Victoria: (positively oozing with happy) Yeah.

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Wednesday Evening with the Final 3 - Derrick and Cody Talk Final 2

The plan that Derrick put in to motion so many moons ago came to fruition tonight.. His ideal final 3..  Immediately following Part 1 of the Final 3 HoH~ Endurance Comp, exquisitely covered by Lessa, there was this.. and it was good.

In this post, Derrick and Cody have a chance to speak privately in the beginning and the end.. In the post that will follow, Derrick and Victoria will have that same chance.. 

Cam 3
Derrick and Cody

Derrick: She says to me in the bathroom, "Did you throw that comp?" I'm like, "Are you f'in kiddin' me? I was up there 20 minutes longer than you were. How'd I f'in throw it?" She's like, "you just stepped off." I'm like, "I couldn't feel my hands.  I was waitin' til it went low, and then I jumped off."  I'm not gonna jump off from 10 feet in the air.
Cody: She said that?
Derrick: She said it right to my face. Pissed me right the f*ck off.

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